Products Overview

Gear up and accelerate your sales!

Gear up and accelerate your sales!

DD New sales tool

Your CRM, ERP and eventually Order system is  updated with the latest data, creating a 1-2-1 match throughout your systems.

You’ll get a good overview of your business as well as a more efficient quoting process.  DD New Sales Tool helps streamline your quote to cash efforts.

You can create professionally looking price quotes in a really short time, and easily amend them during your dialogue with your customer.

Easy to use, fast to create quotes and fun to use.

DD Renewal Tool

Did you know that 84% of businesses spend either more or the same amount on customer acquisition as they do on retention.

With  DD Renewal Tool we ensure an easy, fast and fun way to write Renewal-quotes, making your inside sales into proactive sales staff in dialogue with End-customers.

End-customer quotes arrive with you margin, logo and contact details directly from the distributor, ready to be sent within 3 clicks. Offers full control by gathering all your quotes in  one place, regardless of supplier/vendor or format.

Retention and time is money!

Retention and time is money!

Elevate your UP-sell!

Elevate your UP-sell!

DD Up-sell Module

Easy to use with features that can help you close more sales and build better relationships

The Key to creating valuable customer relationships!

DD Up-sell guides the sales reps to choose the best product,  based on previous quoting, fulfilling the needs of the potential buyer and to help them to a buying decision. Combinations may be automated.